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Lyn's Blog on Everyday Life
Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Visits from the past
A wierd thing just happened to me, I was visited by my two grandfathers. One I never met before. The other was really close to me. This wasn't just a dream, they were in the room, Matt and my mom was there, and Matt said he tried to hug me, but then there was a hand on his shoulder holding him back.

Mutal message:
They approve of Matt, and love him to pieces, they said that we will be married in 2008, and that they both will be there, along with Uncle Richard, and Uncle Joe.

Grandpa Adamo:
He wants our family to get together as soon as possible, he didn't say why, but said that it was very important not to put it off any longer.

He loves Joanna, Shantu, Scotty and new little Joey
He relayed a message from Uncle Joe saying that he is proud of all of them and Aunt Virginia for their accomplishments.

He sends his love to everyone, but especially Nana, and wants her to love her life to the fullest, and not get upset about little things "remember the roses" he said she would know what that means....but I don't....

He wants me to join the columbettes, since daddy didn't really stay active in it, he wishes he will though....

Grandpa Schell:
He wants to see the rest of the children together again, he wanted to see them with Uncle Richard, but he didn't make it, but he wants them together with Grandma.

He said the Noah was a special gift to all of us, and for Julie to take care of him

He told my mom not to ever forget about Mary.

He also said to Grandma that Auntie Kay is there and he'll take care of her until she comes home. He also wants Grandma to enjoy her final time here, saying that she is to have all the adventures that she can and that he misses her a lot.

He wants us all to put aside any quarrels their might be and be a family (are there any quarrels????)

They both wanted me to tell the rest of the family these things and I hope they believe me, I'm afraid some might not.......

Posted by fcla16 (lyn) at 5:12 PM EDT
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